About us

International Science Community Association(previously known as International Science Congress Association, formed on 3rd March 2011) licensed under section 8 of Companies Act, 2013,Ministry of Corporate Affairs, Government of India.It is constituted to spread and emphasise the cause of science and other related subjects at international level through:-

    • Providing an expert international publishing service to the scientific, academic and student's community.
    • Publishing Journals and proceedings at international levels.
    • Organizing international conferences and workshops to bring worldwide intellectual people on a common platform.
    • Exploring scientific and academic efforts from all over the globe and appreciate them through international awards.
    • Floating worldwide information and news related to academics and research.

International Science Community Association activities

International Fellow Contributors www.isca.in
International Peer Reviewed Journals www.isca.in
International Awards www.isca.in
International Conferences and Workshops www.isca.net.co
International E- Publication www.isca.co.in
International E-Bulletin www.isca.net.in
International Academics www.isca.in