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Anthropogenic impact on biodiversity of native medicinal plants in Kappothagiri Hills, India

Author Affiliations

  • 1Department of Botany, KLE Society′s J.T. College, Gadag-582101, Karnataka, India
  • 2Department of Mathematics, KLE Society′s J.T. College, Gadag-582101, Karnataka, India

Int. Res. J. Environment Sci., Volume 8, Issue (3), Pages 70-76, July,22 (2019)


In the world most of the countries are characterized by their own bio-geographical conditions. India has rich in Flora and Founa. The nature and humans are interring connected or rather interdependent and should exist in harmony and balance. Any type of change in this inter dependence can imbalance the surrounding either, that is natural or manmade. The biodiversity gains importance in various aspects like commercial utility, m social and ecological services and also aesthetically more valuable. As a result of anthropogenic activities, diversity of medicinal plants of Kappattagiri hills is under serious threat. The knowledge about medicinal plants and their specific uses plays a vital role to improve the restoration efforts of various sectors like local tribes, private organizations, state and federal agencies, local owners sacking to restore habitat of wild life and medicinal plants. The chief objective of this study provides anthropogenic impact on Biodiversity of Koppathagiri hills regions. Especially this region is exploited for wind power generation, gold mining, fire hazards, deforestation, and forest encroached by Tribal and Local people and other Human activities. There is a vital need to benefit of humankind before it vanishes. A great many koppathagiri native medicinal plants are used directly as medicine. The medicinal plants contribute to common peoples in terms of lives, health support, culturally and economically important. The human attitudes towards conservation of biodiversity specially medicinal plants and their sustainable uses gains importance by worshiping nature. This work gives awareness of native medicinal plants cultural and ecological importance and also will help the government to initiate the conservation efforts.


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