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Distributional Pattern of Bottled Water Usage: A Case Study in Batticaloa District, Sri Lanka

Author Affiliations

  • 1Department of Agricultural Engineering, Faculty of Agriculture, Eastern University, Sri Lanka

Int. Res. J. Environment Sci., Volume 5, Issue (6), Pages 63-67, June,22 (2016)


The current trend of using bottled water shows the remarkable adaptation in the Eastern Province of Sri Lanka due to the development of industries (factories and garments), hotels and tourism. Numbers of distributors and sellers have increased because of the demand in these areas. Therefore, this study focuses on identifying the spatial distribution pattern of bottled water used for drinking purpose and the health impacts due to the adaptation of bottled water in Batticaloa District. Data were collected from the agents who supply bottled water in the Batticaloa District. Their trend of sales and geographical distribution pattern were analyzed. The study revealed that there is an increasing trend in the sales of the bottled water for the last 5 years in 5 DS divisions such as Koralai Pattu, Koralai Pattu North, Eravur Pattu, Manmunai North and Kattankudy among 14 DS divisions in the district, which are well known for its tourist places as well as urban activities. The trend would have been fully changed due to the awareness of ground water pollution and the usage of recycled water bottles, where a hidden link can be noticed between the geographical locations and factors influencing the bottled water distributional pattern in the district.


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