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Effective Removal of Pesticide (Dichlorvos) by Adsorption onto Super Paramagnetic Poly (styrene-co-acrylic acid) Hydrogel from Water

Author Affiliations

  • 1 Research Centre, Department of Chemistry, Govt.V.Y.T.PG. Autonomous College, Durg, C.G.-491001, INDIA

Int. Res. J. Environment Sci., Volume 3, Issue (11), Pages 41-46, November,22 (2014)


The removal of pesticide “dichlorvos” from aqueous solution by adsorption onto superparamagnetic nano iron oxide loaded poly (styrene-co-acrylic acid) hydrogel was studied by batch and column method. The adsorbent hydrogel was characterized by FTIR, XRD and TEM analysis techniques. The efficiency of the poly (styrene-co-acrylic acid) hydrogel was studied by measuring the maximum uptake of dichlorvos at fixed pH, concentration and time. The batch and column studies were carried out under varying experimental conditions such as contact time, initial pesticide concentration, adsorbent dose, pH, bed height and flow rate. The adsorption data was applied to Langmuir isotherm equation.


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