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Table of Contents

Res. J. Recent Sci., Volume 1, Issue (12), Pages 1-78, December (2012)

Research Paper

1. Image Duplication Forgery Detection using Two Robust Features
Zahra Mohamadian (2012). Res. J. Recent Sci., 1(12), 1-6.
2. Characterization of Seam Strength and Seam Slippage of PC Blend Fabric with Plain Woven Structure and Finish
Bharani M.,R.V.Mahendra Gowda (2012). Res. J. Recent Sci., 1(12), 7-14.
3. Relationship of Body Fat Percentage and Selected Physical Fitness Performances between Overweight and Normal Weight Sedentary Young Male Adults
Kiflu AdaneAlemmebrat,R.C. Reddy,M. SyamBabu (2012). Res. J. Recent Sci., 1(12), 15-20.
4. Assessment of Zn Bioavailability in Dumpsites of Kaduna Metropolis, Nigeria
M.B. Mohammed,S.S. Mohammed,A.A.J. Adewumi (2012). Res. J. Recent Sci., 1(12), 21-24.
5. Investigating the effects of Architecture Residential Recreational Complex on Tourism Industry in Iran
Ramin Farshidfar,Ranjbar Abbasali (2012). Res. J. Recent Sci., 1(12), 25-30.
6. A Comparative Study of Proprioceptive Exercises versus Conventional Training Program on Osteoarthritis of Knee
Mondam. Srinivas,V. SrikanthBabu,Raviendra KumarB.,Prakash Jalaja (2012). Res. J. Recent Sci., 1(12), 31-35.
7. Statistical Analysis for Landslide in Relation to Landuse, InSirumalai Hill, Dindigul District, Tami Nadu, India, using GI Technologies
Mayavan N.,A. Sundaram (2012). Res. J. Recent Sci., 1(12), 36-39.
8. In-vitro Acetylcholine Esterase Inhibition activity of Chalcones with Phenothiazine Moiety
Akilanpuram VelusamySaranya,Ravi Subban (2012). Res. J. Recent Sci., 1(12), 40-43.
9. Effect of Marketing Communication on Sales Performance of Multinational Companies: A Case Study of Proctor and Gamble Company
K. Ismail,J. Hussain,F.A. Shah,A. Hussain (2012). Res. J. Recent Sci., 1(12), 44-48.
10. The Affectionate and Literary Associations between Nima Youshij and Mohammad Saleh Haeri
Abbas Ranjbar (2012). Res. J. Recent Sci., 1(12), 49-54.
11. Numerical Simulation of Aerodynamic forces acting on Passenger Vehicle While Overtaking
NileshR Tank,Raj ThundilKaruppa (2012). Res. J. Recent Sci., 1(12), 55-63.

Short Communication

12. Development of value Added Bakery Products using Soy Milk
Padmavathi D.,N. PrabhavathyDevi (2012). Res. J. Recent Sci., 1(12), 64-66.
13. Towards the Development of Web-based Ontology Development and Editing (WODE) Tool
Raffat SheikhKashif,Siddiqui MuhammadShahab,Muhammad Siddiq,Shafiq Farhan (2012). Res. J. Recent Sci., 1(12), 67-69.

Review Paper

14. Tannins: An Antinutrient with Positive Effect to Manage Diabetes
M. Kumari,S. Jain (2012). Res. J. Recent Sci., 1(12), 70-73.
15. Inflation Targeting as a Plausible Monetary Framework for India
Abbas RizviSyedKumail,Naqvi Bushra,Nawazish Mirza (2012). Res. J. Recent Sci., 1(12), 74-78.