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Transformation Research

Author Affiliations

  • 1MTPG & RIHS, Puducherry, India

Res. J. Recent Sci., Volume 7, Issue (7), Pages 22-24, July,2 (2018)


Transformation is change, to create something new, to do something which was not there before. Today with the consumer awareness and consumer demand. We can notice changes in every aspect like in education, research, industry, employment and also in health. Today health care is more of concerned towards consumer demand, consumer expectation, so called as consumer centered care or consumer oriented service. The change in the society leads the change in all other areas. Transformation is necessary to meet the needs of the public in the society. Research field, today relies on evidence based practices. This change in one field also influences to make changes in other sectors too. So transformation is whole, also called as holistic. There is change in the policy, system so as to provide holistic care to the patients in the hospital. In education the changes made in order to make all round development of the students. Sometimes to adopt this changes we need to be trained in some special skills. Today's world is moving toward change, our country also progressing in all areas due to the change in all sector. Accordingly we need to change our ideas, activities and knowledge to cope, otherwise we may lag behind in this transformation Society.


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