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Postcolonialism: Edward Said & Gayatri Spivak

Author Affiliations

  • 1PG Department of English, Maharashtra Udayagiri Mahavidyalaya, Udgir, Dist. Latur Pin-413517, Maharashtra, India

Res. J. Recent Sci., Volume 5, Issue (8), Pages 47-50, August,2 (2016)


Postcolonialism is a term largely used to refer to all the cultures affected by the imperial process from the time of Colonization to our own time. Postcolonialism means ongoing issues and debates between East and West since the colonial process started. It attempts to examine and analyse the aftermath of colonization ; that of restoring the identity of the Independent oriental nations by removing misconceptions about the orientals. It includes literature of the nations such as Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Nigeria, Kenya, India, Pakistan, Jamaica and more countries which were once colonized by British. These countries are also called Third World Countries. Marxism and Poststructuralism have been a major influence on the thinkers from Fanon to Gayatri Spivak. Postcolonialsm tries to decenter/deconstruct the Eurocentrism or Eurocentric beliefs.


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