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A Contemporary Innovation Study on Cultural Destination and Tourist Satisfaction in Iran

Author Affiliations

  • 1Graduate school of Management Department, Sharif University of Technology-International Campus, IRAN
  • 2University of Shiraz-International Campus, IRAN
  • 3Sharif University of Technology, International Campus, IRAN

Res. J. Recent Sci., Volume 4, Issue (9), Pages 30-34, September,2 (2015)


The fastest growing section of the tourism industry is the cultural heritage tourism since an enhanced specialization of tourists is intended. The local people’s adventure, culture, history, archaeology, and how to communicate with them are the main purposes of this trend. Cultural heritage destinations which are the tourists’ attractions have been considered in this study. The relationship between cultural heritage destinations contributes and tourist satisfactions ate the main goals of this research to investigate on the chosen tourists and travel demographic characteristics. This study has been conducted in Shiraz City. Onsite survey method has been used to collect the data. To achieve the aim of the study 300 questionnaires were distributed among tourists. It should be noted that these tourist visited Shiraz between March and Augusts in 2012. 49 questionnaires were not successfully completed by visitors therefore 251 questionnaires were used for analyzing. In tourism industry understanding tourists' needs at cultural heritage attraction for attracting more tourists is crucially important because by reaching this goal marketers will understand their customers better. By recognizing the attribution which satisfied the cultural heritage destinations, expanding appropriate strategies for attracting tourist's attraction is much more possible. Developing adequate strategies to catch the customers’ attention and serve them efficiently will not be possible unless the attributions that pleased the cultural heritage destinations are revealed.


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