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A survey on the Relation between Organizational Health and Prganizational Learning across Iran

Author Affiliations

  • 1 Science and Research University-Department of Management and Accounting, IRAN

Res. J. Recent Sci., Volume 4, Issue (2), Pages 20-29, February,2 (2015)


Organizational learning is a set of organizational activities such as acquiring knowledge, information distribution, information interpretation, and memory which all these affect positive organizational change in a conscious or unconscious way. According to Garvin, in many schools, learning is a process revealed during the time , is defined as acquiring knowledge, better understanding and performance improvement. This paper is aimed to investigate the relation between organizational health and organizational learning which has been conducted as a case study in Iranian state organizations using descriptive-analytical method. The statistical population of the study includes 420 staffs and mangers of state organizations in Tehran. The statistical sample has been selected using simple random sampling method and the sample size has been estimated 200 people using Morgan`s table of sample volume. The data gathered through modified organizational health questionnaire of Miles and analyzed using referential statistics (K-S test and regression test) in SPSS software. Findings of the study indicate a significant relation between organizational health components and organizational health. Also, it has been revealed that all organizational health components except relations and resources application have a net and significant impact on organizational learning.


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