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Investigation of Relationship between Ego's Strength, Self-Control, and Self-Esteem in Students of Tehran’s Shahed University

Author Affiliations

  • 1Department of Clinical Psychology, Alireza Tolooee Qarachanaq, Tehran, IRAN
  • 2 Department of Translation Studies, Alireza Tolooee Qarachanaq, Tehran, IRAN

Res. J. Recent Sci., Volume 4, Issue (11), Pages 115-119, November,2 (2015)


Given the importance of ego, coping styles and self-control in adjustment and mental health, this study aims to investigate the relationship between these three variables among university students for establishing psychological well-being. The present study is a descriptive-correlative study and its research population consists of all the students enrolled in the Master Plan of the Tehrans Shahed University in 1390. Using random sampling method, a proportion of 10% of the total number of enrolled students were selected as the samples. The sample size was 330 male and female students and the mean age of participants was 21.71. The questionnaires used consisted of three questionnaires: ego's strength, self-esteem and self-control, and demographic information (including gender, college, education, age, and marital status, etc). For data analysis, descriptive statistics, such as mean and standard deviation, and inferential statistics, such as independent t-test and Pearson correlation coefficient, and SPSS software version 18 were used. The results showed significant relationship of between variables of difference means on the variable of ego's strength self-esteem, self-control and ego's strength (p= 0/020/05), and the ration for women is more than men. Also, from among the components of ego's strength, the level of care (p= 0/000 0/05), love (p= 0/0010/05), loyalty (p=0/0430/05), competence (p=0/0020/05) and hope (p=0/0490/05) varies between the two groups. It is higher in women than men. However, the correlation coefficients of these variables of self-control, self-esteem and ego's strength indicate a significant relationship among variables (p=0/0000/05). According to the results, the levels of ego's strength, self-esteem and self-control were related. It is recommended that clinicians pay special attention to this result as secondary prevention in matters related to counseling and psychotherapy. And, thus by knowing the above personality traits, they can analyze the levels of ego's strength among them and to predict and complete health steps.


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