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LNG Projects Financing Structure Review

Author Affiliations

  • 1 Institute for International Energy Studies (IIES), Tehran, IRAN
  • 2 Institute for International Energy Studies (IIES), IRAN
  • 3 Institute for International Energy Studies (IIES), Tehran, IRAN

Res. J. Recent Sci., Volume 4, Issue (1), Pages 109-117, January,2 (2015)


High investment level, various partners and the volume of gas consuming by the LNG projects, makes them very complicated. All the different parts of the LNG supply chain are linking together and if they cannot connect the sections properly, production and supply of LNG will have problems. A successful LNG project involves the bringing together of a chain of activities to link the gas production to the gas user. The distribution of LNG sale's profit to the final consumers must be in a way that all the chain parts could get benefiting from the supply chain. Otherwise connection will be weaker and problems will occur. The most important connection in LNG supply chain is the link between upstream of gas production and liquefaction. Because upstream will provide the gas needed for producing LNG.The connection between upstream and liquefaction depends on the contracts for developing upstream. The LNG market is predominantly based on long term sales contracts between buyers and sellers. LNG investment construction of the project depends on the strategy of the investor companies. LNG trends show that the buyers are cooperating more in upstream level and the sellers are tend to put more investment in downstream.


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