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Efficacy of Zirconium(Iv) Tellurotungstate Encapsulated in The Matrix of Polyaniline for Heavy Metal Ion Separation

Author Affiliations

  • 1Post Graduate and Research Department of Chemistry, SreeNarayana College, Kannur, Kerala-670 007, INDIA

Res. J. Recent Sci., Volume 3, Issue (12), Pages 60-66, December,2 (2014)


A new heteropolyacid salt based composite cation exchanger, Zirconium(IV)tellurotungstate (ZrTeW), has been synthesized by co-precipitation method and it is incorporated into the matrix of polyaniline by simple method. The material was found to be granular and can be conveniently used in column operations. The material was characterized by various analytical techniques. The material showed higher ion exchange capacity (1.48 meq/g) than its inorganic counterpart (1.1meq/g). Effects of temperature and ionic radii on ion exchange capacity, chemical stability in various solvents, pH titration studies were also carried to understand the ion exchange capabilities. The distribution co-efficient studies of metal ions in various electrolytes on exchanger revealed that the material is highly selective for Bi3+ and Th4+, which are toxic environmental pollutants. The selectivity of various metal ion was found to be in the order Bi3+ > Th4+ > Pb2+ > Zn2+ > Mn2+ > Ca2+ > Al3+ > Hg2+ > Co2+ > Ni2+ > Cd2+ > Mg2+ > Cu2+. The analytical application has been explored by achieving some binary separation of heavy metal ions such as Bi3+-Cu2+, Th4+-Cu2+, etc. Practical application of the material was tested by using various industrial wastewaters and was found to be used successfully in the separation of toxic/heavy metal ions.


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