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Ethno-Botanical Survey of Sacred Groves and Sacred Plants of Jhalod and Surrounding Areas in Dahod District, Gujarat, India

Author Affiliations

  • 1JJT University, Rajasthan, INDIA
  • 2 Department of Biology, KKSJ Maninagar Science College, Ahmedabad, Gujarat, INDIA

Res. J. Recent Sci., Volume 2, Issue (ISC-2012), Pages 130-135, February,2 (2013)


The present paper aimed 37 plant species belonging to 26 families documenting of sacred groves and sacred plants. During my research work i observed and documented six sacred groves, like Kedarnath mahadev, Panchkrishna, Bhamrachi mata Jhalaimata, Ghugardev mahadev and Sankatmochan hanuman sacred grove in the year 2011-12. The investigations revealed that different type of these groves are covered with herbs, shrubs and trees species which belongs to different families. Major species like Bombax ceiba L., Aegle marmelos L. Ailanthus excelsa Roxb., Azadirachta indica a. Juss., Melia azedarach L., Maytenus emarginata (willd.) D.hou, Mangifera indica L.,Butea monosperma (lam.) Taub., Dalbergia sissoo roxb, Sterculia urens Roxb. Pithecellobium dulce (Roxb Bth., Prosopis cineraria L. Druce., Terminalia arjuna (roxb). W. & a., Terminalia bellirica (gaerth.) Roxb, Eucalyptus globulus labill., Holoptelea integrifolia (Roxb.) Konth, Diospyros melanoxylon Roxb., Holarrhena antidysenterica L. Wall ex g. Don. , Wrightia tinctoria r. Br., Calotropis procera (Ait.) R. Br., Dhatura metel L., Tectona grandis L. F., Holoptelea integrifolia (roxb.) Planch., Ficus arnottiana miq., Ficus benghalensis L., Ficus religiosa L., Ficus racemosa L., Agave americana L., Phoenix sylvestris L. ,Roxb. And Dendrocalamus strictus nees.etc, are reported from my study area. Jhalod and surrounding areas in Ddahod district, Gujarat, india.


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