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The Metal Complexes of 5-[(benzyloxy) methyl] quinolin-8-ol (BeMQ) and 8-quinolinols mixed Ligand: A New Transition metal Complexes with In-vitro Antifungal Activity

Author Affiliations

  • 1 Government Science College, Department of Chemistry, Gandhinagar, Gujarat, INDIA

Res. J. Recent Sci., Volume 2, Issue (ISC-2012), Pages 55-60, February,2 (2013)


5-Chloromethyl-8-quinolinol was condensed stoichiometrically with various alcohols specially benzyl alcohol in presence of sodium carbonate. The resulting 5-[(benzyloxy) methyl] quinolin-8-ol (BeMQ) was characterized by elemental analysis and spectral studies. The transition metal chelates viz. Cu2+, Ni2+ , Co2+ , Mn2+ and Zn2+ of BeMQ and 8-quinolinols were prepared and characterized by mixed ligand complexes(L:M:L) ratio, elemental analysis, IR, reflectance spectral studies, magnetic properties and conductivities measurements. The antifungal activity of BeMQ and its metal chelates was investigated against various fungi. The metal complexes exhibit good activity against fungal strains compared with parental compounds.


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