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An Economical and Ecological Industrial Management for the Development, India (A tentative plan-Agra Industrial Ecosystem)

Author Affiliations

  • 1 MBA, Sikkim Manipal University, INDIA
  • 2 Hindustan College of Science and Technology, INDIA
  • 3 Dept. of Chemistry, Faculty of Engineering and Technology (FET), Agra College, Agra, INDIA

Res. J. Recent Sci., Volume 2, Issue (ISC-2012), Pages 54-57, February,2 (2013)


Chemicals approximately always affect our environment, so our industry seems to be a curse for the nature. The concept in Industrial Ecological Management is analogy of industrial system to natural ecological systems. It presents an ecological and ecofriendly approach. In the industrial ecological system, industry should be considered as an interacting system rather than isolated components.The waste producing industries should be connected into an operating web that minimizes the total amount of industrial material that goes to the waste, disposal sinks or lost in intermediate processes. In this idea, waste should be considered as a potential useful resource. An ideal industrial ecological system developed in the city of Kalundborg, Denmark, can be an example to develop our nation and our Taj city in an ecofriendly way for the industry.


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