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Applications of DSTATCOM Using MATLAB/Simulation in Power System

Author Affiliations

  • 1NIIIST Bhopal, MP, INDIA

Res. J. Recent Sci., Volume 1, Issue (ISC-2011), Pages 430-433,(2012)


D-STATCOM (Distribution Static Compensator) is a shunt device which is generally used to solve power quality problems in distribution systems. D-STATCOM is a shunt device used in correcting power factor, maintaining constant distribution voltage and mitigating harmonics in a distribution network. D-STATCOM is used for Grid Connected Power System, for Voltage Fluctuation, for Wind Power Smoothening and Hydrogen Generation etc. This paper D-STATCOM is used in Marine Power System for Power Quality Improvement. Relevant solutions which applied nowadays to improve power quality of electric network according to the five aspects of power quality- harmonics, fluctuation and flick of voltage, Voltage deviation, unbalance of 3-phase voltage and current frequency deviation. Simulation is done using Sim Power Systems of MATLAB/Simulink to validate the proposed global system. The measurement system containing two main parts: - Hardware part and the virtual part- software (Recording, Processing, Graphical interfacing). In this paper we are concluding the result of software parts only. The performance of the proposed DSTATCOM system is validated through simulations using MATLAB software with its Simulink and Power System Blockset (PSB) toolboxes.


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