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Zooplankton Composition in Dahanu Creek-West Coast of India

Author Affiliations

  • 1N.B. Mehta Science college, Bordi, Tal., Dahanu, Dist., Thane, MS, INDIA
  • 2 Maharshi Dayanand College Parel, Mumbai MS, INDIA

Res. J. Recent Sci., Volume 1, Issue (5), Pages 62-65, May,2 (2012)


The distribution and faunistic composition of zooplankton was studied during November 2008 and October 2009 from Dahanu creek- west coast of India. Geographical location of Dahanu is 19° 58 N and 72° 44E .Total 21 group of zooplankton were observed during the study period. Maximum species diversity was observed at station 1 (in open sea) and minimum at station 5 (in creek). Zooplankton biomass varied from 65.40 to 120.80 ml .100 m-3(average 80.94 ml. 100 m-3 )in the outer creek and 12.50 to 64.30 ml.100 m-3( average 29.62 ml. 100 m-3) in the inner creek area . Zooplankton biomass was highest in October at all stations however low biomass was recorded in July when the salinity decreased considerably. The dry weight of zooplankton ranged from 3.965 to 11.830 gr.100 m-3 (average 7.496 gr.100 m-3 ) in outer creek and 1.280 to 5.932 gr.100 m-3 (average 3.005 gr.100 m-3 ) in inner creek area .The dry wet of zooplankton was maximum in October at all the stations and was minimum in July. Copepods, decapod larvae, egg mass, fish eggs, fish larvae, polychaete larvae, hydrozoans, tintinnids and chethognaths formed dominant groups of total zooplankton population.


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