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The Affectionate and Literary Associations between Nima Youshij and Mohammad Saleh Haeri

Author Affiliations

  • 1 Orientology, State University of Yerevan, ARMENIA

Res. J. Recent Sci., Volume 1, Issue (12), Pages 49-54, December,2 (2012)


Allameh Mohammad Saleh Haeri Mazandarani (1918-1971) was master in poem and eloquence technique and some valuable poems are left behind him which are available in his two valuable Divans (complete poetical works) named as “Bostan-al-adab” (literary garden) and “Divan-al-adab” (complete literary and poetical works). He was a poet who spent half of his life in exile and poverty and during a period when some were at the service of that time’s governors and foreign culture, he has developed God-worshiping and enlightenment in the heart and he never praised somebody and he believed that friendship and closeness to the prophet’s family is his glory and within the framework of their praise, he recalled the characteristics of religious and political leaders and guided people towards social and political facts. Ali Esfandyari (1897-1959) known as Nima Youshij, Mazandaranian modernist poet, has had some meetings with Haeri during his residence in Babol (1928), and there was a strange fellowship between these two poets. Almost every day except of holidays, Nima would go to his home and read his poems and songs for his companion and compassionate, Haeri and/or he would listen to his songs. And in 1928, he was interested in courses of philosophy, logic and religious jurisprudence near Haeri. These two poets were aware of each other’s nature and disposition and scientific degrees and in addition to cognate and proximity of native language, there were some similarities in scientific and artistic and literary disputes between them and both of them were not so very pleased with the dominance of “pahlavi” regime and hated it. These common characteristics and dispositions were very effective in the consolidation of mental, artistic and affectionate associations between Nima and Haeri. This paper has examined the associations between these two poets.


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