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Evaluation of lead and chromium in cosmetic products and detergents sold in Tripoli, Libya

Author Affiliations

  • 1Tajoura Nuclear Research Center, Tajura, Libya
  • 2Advanced Analytical Chemistry Laboratory, Tajura, Libya
  • 3Advanced Analytical Chemistry Laboratory, Tajura, Libya
  • 4Advanced Analytical Chemistry Laboratory, Tajura, Libya
  • 5Advanced Analytical Chemistry Laboratory, Tajura, Libya

Res.J.chem.sci., Volume 8, Issue (11), Pages 1-6, November,18 (2018)


Assessment of the level of contamination with lead (Pb) and chromium (Cr) was carried out in cosmetic and detergent products collected randomly from Libyan market. Pb and Cr were determined in triplicate using continuum source graphite furnace Atomic absorption spectrophotometer. Both toxic metals were prominently detected in all tested samples. The mean ± SD concentrations of Pb and Cr in mg/kg are as follows: Pb 0.894±0.060µg/g and Cr 1.156±0.0023µg/g in cosmetic products samples, Pb 0.373±0.0035µg/g and Cr 0.367±0.0373µg/g in detergents samples, In Kohl samples the mean ± SD concentrations of Pb and Cr in mg/kg are 52.45±6.84µg/g and 1.564±0.042 µg/g respectively. The mean ± SD concentration of Pb was 1.007±0.00052µg/g and Cr was 2.339±0.00135µg/g in nail polishers. The mean results of 6 lipstick samples ranged thus: 1.02±0.050µg/g and 1.24±0.0388µg/g, Pb and Cr respectively. The mean ± SD concentration of Pb was 1.230±0.0016µg/g and Cr was 1.092±0.0023µg/g in eye shadow. Therefore, contamination of the tested products by Pb in descending order of Kohl > eye shadow > lipsticks > nail polishers >detergents > skin creams. The contamination of the tested products by Cr in descending order of nail polishers > Kohl > lipsticks > eye shadow > detergents > skin creams.


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