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Citrus Limon peel as a component of modified carbon paste electrode for electrochemical stripping analysis of Pb (II) and Cd (II)

Author Affiliations

  • 1Department of Chemistry, Dayalbagh Educational Institute, Agra - 282005, India
  • 2Department of Chemistry, Dayalbagh Educational Institute, Agra - 282005, India
  • 3Department of Chemistry, Dayalbagh Educational Institute, Agra - 282005, India

Res.J.chem.sci., Volume 7, Issue (3), Pages 1-9, March,18 (2017)


Present communication elucidates the development of carbon paste electrode modified with Citrus limon peel for voltammetric analysis of Pb (II) and Cd (II). The metal ions were pre-concentrated at open circuit on the surface of modified sensor, accompanying their determination by stripping voltammetry anodic scan using differential pulse waveform. Electrochemical impedance spectroscopy indicated diminution of charge transfer resistance with higher electrocatalytic response of the modified sensor, supported by cyclic voltammetry measurements. The fabricated metal sensor performance was analyzed by varying the operational conditions like amount of modifier, accumulating solvent and its pH, accumulation time and supporting electrolyte to realize the optimum parameters. The effect of interfering metal ions and surface active macromolecules on the analysis of lead and cadmium was also studied. The linearity was observed in the concentration range of 100-1000 &


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