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Polarographic Determination of Paracetamol by Calibration Method using Hydrocloric Acid and Different Maxima Suppressors

Author Affiliations

  • 1Department of Chemistry, Brijlal Biyani Science College Amravati, Maharashtra, India

Res.J.chem.sci., Volume 6, Issue (6), Pages 28-35, June,18 (2016)


Paracetamol is a common analgesic and antipyretic drug their determination in pharmaceuticals is of paramount importance, since an overdose of paracetamol can cause toxic effects. The aim of the present study is to do polarographic determination of paracetamol by calibration method using hydrocloric acid and different maxima suppressors such as fuchsion, methyl red, thymol blue and bromocresol green. According to the Ilkovic equation, with all other factors constant.i d = kC where k is a constant defined by Ilkovic equation. This relation is the foundation of quantitative polarographic analysis. Calibration method has been developed and applied for the determination of paracetamol present in some synthetic as well as medicinal samples using selected maxima suppressor-supporting electrolyte system. Polarograms of all system were recorded on D.C. Recording Polarograph using Omniscribe recorder between 200 to 1300 mV using Rotating Platinum micro Electrode as anode and Saturated Calomel Electrode as cathode. The oxidation of paracetamol at rotating platinum electrode is irreversible. Results obtained with synthetic as well as medicinal samples are in good agreement with the quoted values. The method is precise as indicated by low values of standard deviations. It is possible to carry out a polarographic analysis even in the presence of colouring matters and comparable amounts of other ingredients.


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