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Simultaneous UV-Spectrophotometric for Validation of Acetaminophen and Guaiphenesin by AUC Method in Pharmaceutical Dosages

Author Affiliations

  • 1Central Research Laboratory, D.G. Ruparel College, Matunga, Mumbai 400016, India

Res.J.chem.sci., Volume 6, Issue (5), Pages 6-10, May,18 (2016)


A economical spectrophotometric method i.e. area under curve method for the validation of acetaminophen and guaiphenesin is proposed in this study. ICH guidelines were used for validation of dosages. In this method measurement of area at selected analytical wavelength ranges was carried out. The “Cramer’s rule and Matrix method” was used for analysis .The wavelengths ranges such as 239-249nm and 268-277 nm for estimation of acetaminophen and guaiphenesin were used i.e.. The method showed linearity for acetaminophen and guaiphenesin at of 2 – 10 and 5 – 100 µg /ml respectively. The relative standard deviation was found to 0.2367 for acetaminophen and 0.2032 for guaiphenesin respectively. The ICH guidelines method was used for validation of its linearity, accuracy and precision.


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