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Studies of Trivalent Transition Metal Macrocyclic Complexes and Its Antimicrobial Activities

Author Affiliations

  • 1Department of Chemistry, S.M.S Govt. Model Science College, Gwalior, MP., INDIA

Res.J.chem.sci., Volume 5, Issue (8), Pages 35-38, August,18 (2015)


The new series of two new Macrocyclic complexes have been synthesized bearing the formula M(III)[DPDTPH](BF4)2 and M [DCDTPH](BF4)2,where M= Cr(III), DPDTPH =2,6-diaacetul pyridine-N-N-dithiodipropionyl dihydrazone and DCDTPH = 2,6- pyridine diacarbonyl di chloride- N-N-dithiodipropionyl dihydrazone and (BF4)= Tetrafluoroborate. The ligand and complexes have been analyzed for elemental analysis, spectral studies, and conductivity measurements. Different techniques like FT-IR, electronic spectra were used to investigate the structural features of the synthesized compounds. Electronic absorption and IR spectra indicate octahedral geometry. The biological screening of ligand and complexes against bacteria and fungi shows the complexes have been found to be manifold active biologically than the ligand.


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