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Compositional Analysis and Anti-Oxidant Assesment of Essential Oil of some Aromatic Plants Obtained from North-Eastern Nigeria

Author Affiliations

  • 1Department of Chemistry, Modibbo Adama University of Technology Yola Adamawa State, NIGERIA

Res.J.chem.sci., Volume 5, Issue (10), Pages 7-12, October,18 (2015)


Fresh leaves of Ocimum americanus, Vossia cuspidata,Eucalyptus camaldulensis and the bark of Bosweillia dalzielii were collected and pretreated for essential oil analysis. DPPH scavenging capacity of the respective essential oils was used to determine the potential anti-oxidant activities of the oils. The results obtained from the analysis shows that the major compounds in essential oil of Ocimum americanus are; Terpinen-4-ol (14.507 %), Copaene (7.438 %) and Terpinen (6.178 %). The essential oil of Vossia cuspidata are predominated by 4-acetyl-7-hydroxybenzo-2,1,3-thiadiazole (15.037 %), Caryophyllene (11.397) and -Pinene (10.285). The major compounds present in the essential oil of Eucalyptus camaldulensis being M-Cymene (19.74 %), -Phellandrene (19.280 %), and Eucalyptol (13.101 %) whereas the major componds of the oil of Bosweillia dalzielii are -Pinene (18.515 %), Isophthaldehyde (10.695 %) and -Pinene (5.641 %). The samples have exhibited some degree of antioxidant activities with values above 80%. However, the lowest scavenging capacity for each of the sample is observed in the corresponding lowest concentrations of vitamins E (80.39 %) a water insoluble antioxidant which presented with the least scavenging capacity, whereas vitamins C (98.87%) has the highest scavenging property followed by vosia cuspidata (97.44 %) at the most increased concentration of 50 L/ml.


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