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Comparison of Potassium content of Moringa Stenopetala and Banana sold at local market in Jimma Town, Oromia, South Eest Ethiopia

Author Affiliations

  • 1Department of Chemistry, College of Natural Sciences, Jimma University, P.O. Box 378, Jimma, ETHIOPIA

Res.J.chem.sci., Volume 4, Issue (12), Pages 39-41, December,18 (2014)


In this study the potassium content of Moringa stenopetala and banana which are available in local market in Jimma town were determined and compared.The samples were purchased from market in March, 2014 and brought to laboratory of Chemistry Department, Jimma university .The sample were ashed in muffle furnace and then digested by 20% HNO on hot plate. The concentration of potassium was determined by using flame atomic absorption spectroscopy. The average concentration of potassium in Moringa stenopetala and Banana were found to be 336250.03 mg/kg and 9325 0.03 mg/kg respectively. The potassium content of Moringa stenopetala was found to be 3.6 times potassium of banana. It recommended that Moringa stenopetala is rich in potassium than banana and consumption of Moringa stenopetala is more crucial than banana.


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