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Fluorescence Quenching Studies and Binding Interactions of β-Casein and Therapeutic Chemicals Mediated by Ag Nanoparticles and Cu Nanoparticles

Author Affiliations

  • 1 Department of Physical Chemistry, University of Madras, Guindy Campus, Chennai -600025, Tamilnadu,INDIA

Res.J.chem.sci., Volume 4, Issue (12), Pages 93-97, December,18 (2014)


Fluorescence quenching studies on the milk protein β Casein (BC) with certain chemotherapeutics acting as quenchers are studied. Around six organics such as urea (U), Thiourea(TU), Guanidine Hydrochloride (GHCl), 4-Amino antipyrine (AP), Paracetamol (P) and Guaiacol (G) are chosen as quenchers and found sensitive to addition of metal nanoparticles such as Silver nanoparticles (Ag nps) and Copper nanoparticles (Cu nps) respectively. The asynthesised Ag nps and Cu nps in this work possessed the mean sizes as 12±1nm and 18±1nm as found from HRTEM measurements. The extent of fluorescence quenching was found to be more in presence of metal nanoparticles than in absence of metal nanoparticles. The binding constant (K) and the number of binding sites (n) are obtained from Stern-Volmer plot and double reciprocal plot methods. The data indicate that the mediating capacity of Ag nps is higher than the Cu nps systems. This may be attributed to the smaller sized Ag nps than the Cu nps. The trend observed in the interaction between various organics and BC has been found to be U > TU > GHCl > AP > P > G. This trend remains the same even in the presence of metal nanoparticles. The exhibited interacting activity of the chemicals is attributed to the difference in the interaction of surfacial hydrophilic groups in BC with organics studied here.


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