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Inhibition of Corrosion of Carbon Steel in Sea Water by an Aqueous Extract of Eclipta alba Leaves-Zn2+ system

Author Affiliations

  • 1PG and Research Department of Chemistry, GTN Arts College, Dindigul - 624005, Tamil Nadu, INDIA
  • 2PG and Research Department of Chemistry, APA College of Arts and Culture Palani, Tamil Nadu, INDIA
  • 3Department of Chemistry, RVS School of Engineering and Technology, Dindigul-624005, INDIA

Res.J.chem.sci., Volume 3, Issue (2), Pages 10-15, February,18 (2013)


The Inhibition efficiency [IE] of an aqueous extract of eclipta alba leaves in controlling corrosion of carbon steel in sea water [Thondi, Tamil Nadu, India] has been evaluated by weight loss method. The weight loss study reveals that the formulation consisting of 6mL of EAE (Eclipta alba extract ) and 25 ppm of Zn2+ has 92% inhibition efficiency in controlling corrosion of carbon steel in sea water. Polarization study reveals that EAE and Zn2+ system functions as mixed type inhibitor. The nature of the metal surface has been analysed by FTIR spectra and SEM analysis.


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