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Photocatalytic Degradation of Violet GL2B Azo dye by using Calcium Aluminate Nanoparticle in presence of Solar light

Author Affiliations

  • 1Department of P.G studies and Research in Environmental Science, Kuvempu University, Jnana Sahyadri, Shankaraghatta, Shivamogga, INDIA
  • 2Department of Chemistry, Kuvempu University, Jnana Sahyadri, Shankaraghatta, Shivamogga, INDIA

Res.J.chem.sci., Volume 2, Issue (5), Pages 72-77, May,18 (2012)


The present study deals with the photocatalytic degradation of Violet GL2B an azo dye, using Calcium aluminate (CaAl2O4) nanoparticles. SEM and XRD studies were carried out to determine the size of the nanoparticle. UV–VIS spectroscopy method was selected to evaluate the degradation efficiency at 545nm. The results indicated that at all pH levels ~100% degradation was achieved in 120 minutes irrespective of amount of catalyst load. The results revealed the efficiency of the present photocatalytic process for the effective degradation of dye effluents.


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