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Microstructural Studies of Cast Zinc - Aluminum-Sic-Graphite Hybrid Composites

Author Affiliations

  • 1Department of Mechanical Engineering, College of Marine Science and Technology, Massawa, ERITREA, North East AFRICA
  • 2 Department of Chemistry, Amruta Institute of Engg and Management Sciences, Bidadi, Bangalore, Karnataka, INDIA

Res.J.chem.sci., Volume 1, Issue (6), Pages 88-90, September,18 (2011)


Since ages, Zn-Al and its alloys have found extensive applications in manufacture of bushes and bearings, heat transfer conductors, high conductivity electrical contractors and so on. However, currently, in all these applications, there is a significant enhancement in the service loads, wear resistance; conductivity thus forcing the material researchers to develop a newer class of Zn-Al based advanced materials. In this direction, researchers have focused their attention on improving the strength and the tribological properties by reinforcing Zn-Al with hard ceramic reinforcements such as silicon carbide and titanium carbide. The major drawbacks of these Zn-Al based composites are reduced conductivity and poor machinability. To overcome this, efforts are on to make use of a soft phase such as graphite as a additional reinforcement to the conventional Zn-Al based hard reinforced composites. Graphite being a solid lubricant can improve the machinability of the composites. Furthermore, graphite possess excellent thermal and electrical conductivity thereby, can improve the conducting capability of Zn-Al composites. In the light of the above facts, this paper aims at discussing the tribological characteristics of cast Zn-Al -SiC-graphite hybrid composites.


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