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Design and Evaluation of Separation Towers in Water Treatment Plants

Author Affiliations

  • 1Basrah University, Engineering College, Basrah, IRAQ

Res.J.chem.sci., Volume 1, Issue (5), Pages 14-21, August,18 (2011)


Packed columns are used for the removal of contaminated gases such as carbon dioxide from drinking water and industrial wastewater. The packed columns are useful for achieving mass transfer between two phases, gas and liquid. This paper inspects the performance of two separation units. In the first step, the efficiency of the de-carbonator system will be specified, and then the capability of improving the rate of dissolved gas removal by using professional types of packing will be evaluated. The concentration of solute (CO) in a dispersed phase (water) has measured as a function of packing height. Also, new correlations for mass transfer coefficient in the gas phase have been predicted. In the second step, the examination of the sedimentation tank performance will be tested, by using the jar test, and then the best chemical additives concentration will be specified. The results show that the rate of dissolved gas removal can be improved when the area of contact between the gas and liquid streams is increased by using the professional types of packing. Also, the accuracy of chemical dosing for polyelectrolyte and ferric chloride in the sedimentation section improves the performance of the pretreatment section and reduces the chemical additives consumption. The backwash processes for sand filters and the period of replacement for fine filters has been improved after regulating the methods of separations.


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