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ICT in Rural libraries of West Bengal: A case study of Jalpaiguri District, India

Author Affiliations

  • 1 Mphil Student of Calcutta University, West Bengal, INDIA

Res. J. Library Sci., Volume 3, Issue (6), Pages 13-19, July,21 (2015)


In this world of advanced technology the libraries have seen a massive change in their housekeeping operation and other work culture. This advancement in technology has not only provided easy access to knowledge but also turn the whole world into a global village. But without the latest technologies the traditional rural libraries are facing huge challenges in providing proper information to the user. The rural libraries in India are facing acute financial problems, lack of trained personal, lack proper infrastructure etc. thus the rural libraries has turned into museums for preservation of books. Even the school and college libraries of the rural region are more advanced than public rural libraries.


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