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Research Evaluation of Indian Journal of Cancer: A Bibliometric Study

Author Affiliations

  • 1 R.V. College of Engineering, Mysore Road, R.V. Vidyanikethan Post, Bangalore-59

Res. J. Library Sci., Volume 2, Issue (2), Pages 1-5, February,21 (2014)


This study highlights the research evaluation of bibliometric study of Indian Journal of cancer for the time frame of 2003-2012. The data was taken from the archives of the journal through online. This study highlights the evaluation of research carried out by the oncologist doctors. The analysis covers on distribution of articles patterns, length of articles, authorship patterns, and citation distribution. The study has helped in finding out the publication published during the past ten years. The findings shows that 625 articles were published and joint author contribution was 569 (91.04%) and rest was the single author 56(8.96%).The mathematical formula was used to find the degree of collaboration of authorship in the Indian journal of cancer. The study helps in finding out the strength and the weakness of the publication and necessary steps recommended for further development.


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