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A Comparative Study of Leadership Behaviour between Individual and Team Game Women Player

Author Affiliations

  • 1M.M. College of Technology, Raipur, CG, INDIA

Res. J. of Physical Education Sci., Volume 2, Issue (2), Pages 6-7, February,23 (2014)


The purpose of study was to find out the comparison between participants of team and individual sports. In the study, 60 female players, aged 19 to 25 years, participated voluntarily. Out of them thirty subjects belongs to individual sports (Track and field) and thirty subjects from Team game. With the help of a questionnaire prepared by Prof. L. I. Bhushan (Head, Department of Psychology, Bhagalpur University). Were used to collect the data. The data were analyzed, using Descriptive and Comparative statistical techniques. The results of comparative statistics revealed insignificant difference between the subjects. In conclusion, there no significance difference in the leadership behavior between the participants of team games an individual sports.


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