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Effect of Dalk Motadil Kaseer (Moderate Massage) with Roughn Biskhapra (Horse Purslane oil) in Waja uz zahr (low back pain)

Author Affiliations

  • 1Department of Moalajat (Medicine), National Institute of Unani Medicine,Bangalore-560091, India
  • 2Department of Moalajat (Medicine), National Institute of Unani Medicine,Bangalore-560091, India

Int. Res. J. Medical Sci., Volume 4, Issue (2), Pages 1-4, February,28 (2016)


Low back pain (Waja uz Zahr) is an affliction that affects a substantial proportion of people. No one is resistant to this condition or its potential incapability, which does not discriminate by gender, age, race or culture. The main aim of the study was to assess the effect of Dalk Moatadil Kaseer with Roughn Biskhapra in low back pain. The present study was an before and after without control study carried out at the department of Moalajat in National Institute of Unani Medicine (NIUM) Bangaluru. A total of 30 patients of both sex, above the 20 years and below 69 years of age, giving the history of low back pain were selected for the trial. A total of 8 sittings of local massage with Roughn Biskhapra were scheduled over 21 days. In this trial, Dalk Moatadil Kaseer with Roughn Biskhapra was found effective statistically in relieving symptoms of Waja uz zahar. So the study provides good evidence in support of the efficacy of Dalk Moatadil Kaseer with Roughn Biskhapra in low back pain.


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