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A new generalized-G class of distributions and its applications with Dagum distribution

Author Affiliations

  • 1Department of Statistics, Punjab College Hasilpur, Pakistan

Res. J. Mathematical & Statistical Sci., Volume 8, Issue (3), Pages 1-13, September,12 (2020)


The primary motive of this research is to familiarize new continuous distribution so- called Topp-Leone-Exponentiated generalized Dagum (TLEGDa) or Topp-Leone-Extended Dagum distribution; this distribution is based on two G classes namely Topp-Leone (TL-G) and Exponentiated generalized (EG-G) but this new class has not been introduced by any author till now. Therefore it is necessary to suggest new class Topp-Leone-Exponentiated generalized G class using the Exponentiated generalized G class as baseline distribution to the type-I Topp-Leone G class, after that Dagum distribution is used as example to new proposed class with applications to practical data sets. In this research we also obtain some basic properties of TLEGDa and compare its superiority to Exponentiated generalized Topp-Leone Dagum distribution (EGTLDa),its sub which are Dagum, Kumaraswamy Dagum, Extended Dagum, Exponentiated Kumaraswamy Dagum and other models in which Type II Topp Leone inverse Rayleigh, Zubair Weibull and Kumarswamy Weibull Poisson are include.


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