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Synthesis, characterization and catalytic application of MgO supported metal catalysts in synthesis of dihydropyrimidinone

Author Affiliations

  • 1Department of Chemistry, St. Xavier’s College, Mapusa, Goa – 403507, India
  • 2Department of Chemistry, St. Xavier’s College, Mapusa, Goa – 403507, India
  • 3Department of Chemistry, St. Xavier’s College, Mapusa, Goa – 403507, India

Res. J. Material Sci., Volume 5, Issue (2), Pages 1-6, February,16 (2017)


In the present investigation, syntheses of different metal supported MgO catalysts have been envisaged. Samples have been prepared by two different ways viz.; (a) Sol-gel self propagating low temperature combustion method for synthesis of Ni/MgO, Co/MgO and Ru/MgO catalysts and (b) Impregnation method for synthesis of 20% Ni/MgO and 20% Co/MgO catalysts samples were characterized using instrumental techniques such as XRD, SEM, FT-IR, BET analysis. XRD data reveals that samples possess particle size of 8.420 nm and 17.439 nm at 2 Q values of 43.137 and 49.955 respectively. The SEM micrographs shows that the particles possesses irregular shape and are generally random, non-uniform manner with particle size approximately <100 nm . All the catalysts supported on MgO are found as amorphous in nature. The IR spectra gives fundamental band for Mg-O at 1384 cm-1 and for Mg –O stretching at 911 cm-1 confirms the formation of MgO support. The BET analysis depicts the surface area of 91.1 m2/gm with pore radius of 2.12 nm. The adsorption isotherm follows the micro porous structure of the prepared samples. The catalytic activity of the Ni/Mgo and Co/MgO has been investigated for the Biginelli reaction for synthesis of dihydropyrimidinone. The supported catalysts were found to be active for synthesis of dihydropyrimidinone. Co/MgO supported catalyst gave better yield (> 60 %) as compared to Ni /MgO support.


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