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Resonance in Lattice Displacement in Magnetized Nondegenerate Semiconductor Plasmas

Author Affiliations

  • 1School of Studies in Physics, Vikram University, Ujjain, INDIA
  • 2Department of Physics, Swami Vivakanand Govt. Post Graduate College, Neemuch, INDIA

Res. J. Material Sci., Volume 1, Issue (6), Pages 1-5, July,16 (2013)


The Phenomenon of parametric interaction of coupled wave exhibits a vital role in nonlinear optics. Using the straight forward coupled mode theory, the lattice displacement plays the great role in the parametric amplification is analytically investigated in magnetized piezoelectric as well as non piezoelectric semiconductors. The origin of nonlinear interaction is taken to be in the second order optical susceptibility x arising from the nonlinear induced current density and polarization through lattice displacement. The lattice displacement (u), effective non linear polarization (PEN) and efficiency of crystal cell () are obtained for different situation of practical interest. The analytical investigations reveals that the large lattice displacement (order of 10-14m) can be easily achieved in piezoelectric or both coupling and deformation potential coupling at scattering angle nearly q = 34 and q =146and q = 36 and q =148respectively. This typical resonance condition of scattering angle may be used to achieve high efficient nonlinear process. It is also found that wave number enhance the lattice displacement effectively. This study provides new means for construction of crystal cell and for diagnostics of semiconductors devices.


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