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Structure and Physicochemical Properties of Polyaniline Synthesized in Presence of Maghnite clay Catalyst layered Algerian Montmorillonite?

Author Affiliations

  • 1Université d’Oran Es-senia, Département de chimie, Faculté des sciences, BP 1524. El M’nouar 31000 Oran Alegeria

Res. J. Material Sci., Volume 1, Issue (3), Pages 1-6, April,16 (2013)


In order to prepare conducting polyaniline composite and nanocomposite soluble in various organic solvents before and after doping, and we based on these experimentally resultants finding, the present study relate to a new process for preparing conducting polyaniline with controlled molecular weight, high solubility in various organic solvant .In a more specific aspect of the present study, the polymer is formed in non acid medium. Another embodiment, the polymer is formed by layered catalyst MMT (Mag-H). Another embodiment the polymer is formed by oxidizing agent powder (solid) contained alkali metal salt. In another specific aspect, the polymer is formed by intervention of deferent’s reactors and water in three steps: between MMT and monomer between mixture of (MMT-monomer) and oxidizing agent between second mixture (MMT-monomer-oxidant) and water.


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