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Mediating role of consumer perception in sales promotion towards apparel brands

Author Affiliations

  • 1Department of Business Administration, Sindh University Campus, Larkana, Pakistan
  • 2Department of Business Administration, Sindh University Campus, Larkana, Pakistan
  • 3Faculty of Nursing, Benazir Institute of Nursing and Community, Health Services, SMBBMU, Larkana, Pakistan
  • 4Faculty of Management Sciences, SZABIST Larkana Campus, Larkana, Pakistan

Int. Res. J. Social Sci., Volume 8, Issue (4), Pages 22-29, October,14 (2019)


Doctor′s job seem more skewed towards their profession rather than more social. Its general belief that they spend their maximum time to hospital, teaching, practicing or clinics. They hardly spare time towards sales promotion or advertisement or apparel brands. In connection with this, this study aims to investigate the impact of sales promotions on brand image with a mediating effect of consumer perception of Doctors. The study adds in previous literature where the impact of price deals and perceived quality was noted on brand equity in relation to brand knowledge and brand associations for general consumers. A survey questionnaire was distributed among doctors who are working in four different Medical Universities of Sindh. SPSS-21employed to tests the hypotheses. The findings supported the fact that sales promotions have positive impact on brand image whereas the consumer perception found a significant positive mediator. The study can be beneficial for marketing managers of relevant products.


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