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Discrimination and Evils against Women in India

Author Affiliations

  • 1Department of Political Science, Jadunath Sarkar School of Social Science, Assam University, Silchar 788011, Assam, India

Int. Res. J. Social Sci., Volume 5, Issue (2), Pages 25-27, February,14 (2016)


The gender discriminatory attitudes towards women have existed for generations in India. Although the constitution of India grants equal rights to women, but still Gender Discrimination remains. There had been always a specific reason of gender discrimination, men over women in India. The women are disadvantaged soul and are perceived to be a weaker section of the society and have been discriminated. Fundamentally, both men and women are the important reproduction to the nature but literally men had been given more important to. The cultural construction of the Indian society is so high today, where women or girls are been discriminated on petty social evils of being a female. Female infanticide, girl sex abortion, female fetus killing and the list is endless, is strongly adopted in India, and is considered to be the main reason behind Gender India Discrimination. The demand for son among wealthy parents is being pacing high in the nation since ages. This is also the key factor of the Gender Discrimination among the society of India. Education is not largely being attained by the women in India to the hands of the social evil of Gender Discrimination. The rural India is the insight example of such gender discriminatory system. The parents prefer for their son to attend school and colleges so that he could be a bread earner for the family in the near future. On the other hand, the girl child is dutiable to look after the household and get married sooner, so that she does not become a burden on the parents. This entire scenario is regarded as the gender discrimination system and alas! Still prevails in India. Gender Discrimination against women has led to the lack of autonomy and authority of women in. Although equality had been to the women but in practice, land and property rights are weakly discriminated on women’s behalf. Women do not have right on their parental property in India which again displays a huge example of gender discrimination. Gender discrimination stops growth with less female in India. With such a social evil of gender discrimination against women in India, the nation will never rise or shine.


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