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Increased Income of Farmers through Commercial Production of New Variety of Pineapple at Urukoki Village in Ngoma District, Rwanda

Author Affiliations

  • 1Open University of Tanzania, Tanzania

Int. Res. J. Social Sci., Volume 5, Issue (10), Pages 25-28, October,14 (2016)


Production of low quality crops is among the major causes of inadequate income generation and poverty in most of rural communities in Rwanda. However, pineapples fruits producers have been facing the problem of their fruits to be rotten to unreliable market. Studies were therefore carried out in Urukoki village in Ngoma district where pineapples production was study for increased income poverty reduction by commercial production of new variety of pineapple production. In the village participatory community assessment methods were used and tools like, semi-structured Interviews, Quantitative analysis for SPSS (frequency), Qualitative analysis (interview) and Field visit survey. It was revealed from the present study that 31.5% of Urukoki community were engaged in agriculture activities, 22.2% in commercial production of pineapple, 18.5% in selling of second hand clothes, 13.0% in foods vendors, 9.3% selling of paddy rice, 3.7% sell of milk and lastly 1.9% market of pineapple. Commercial production of pineapple that is 22.2% is the major source of income as agriculture activities in Urukoki Village. It was also declared by respondent of alternative needs to improve income in the community, 44.4% of respondent declared that commercial production of pineapple was raise their income. The study was concluded that the community member organization and Urukoki community formed a committee to look for District support especially in improved pineapple steam, fertilizers, market and other extension services. Therefore the study recommends that deliberate efforts should be taken to involve all stakeholders in implementation of community economic development projects to ensure sustainability and reduced poverty that is threatening the nation.


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