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Impact of Marketing Practices Followed By Agro-Based Units on Consumer Consumption: With Special Reference to Varanasi District

Author Affiliations

  • 1 Faculty of Commerce, B.H.U. INDIA

Int. Res. J. Social Sci., Volume 4, Issue (11), Pages 30-36, November,14 (2015)


In the agrarian economy, the agro-based units are facing problems in their expansion from the very existence. The problem is not new in India; it has been found that from our independence we are struggling in this path. The processing of agricultural product has become a chaos in the economy. Quality, price, distribution, promotion, finance, health, government policies, managerial inefficiencies, etc. are found a big cause for the same. In this paper the researcher has targeted 200 agricultural processed products dwelling in Varanasi. This sample gives a clear cut emphasis on the thrust areas of improvement. In the paper the consumers targeted are representing both rural and urban area. 32% of respondents were of rural sector and 68% were of urban area. All the respondents are approached using one of the survey method of primary data collection, i.e., questionnaire and schedule method. These responses are classified using tables that help in clear vision of the study. This study helps in knowing the reason of poor performance of agro-based units in Varanasi. It also suggests certain aspects that help in overcoming these problems.


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