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Women Empowerment through Microfinance (SHGs): A Study of Ajmer District, Rajasthan, India

Author Affiliations

  • 1 Govt. Engineering College Ajmer, INDIA
  • 2 S.P.C. Govt. College Ajmer, INDIA

Int. Res. J. Social Sci., Volume 4, Issue (11), Pages 1-6, November,14 (2015)


In India, government has introduced a number of development programmes but most of them have neglected the women. The need for gender equality and women empowerment has been highlighted in various constitutional provisions, legal laws and conventions. The government has taken necessary initiatives to make credit - delivery system more efficient through micro-finance to strengthen and expansion of credit-institutions for the women empowerment. Micro-finance movement has helped to develop a enormous number of self help groups (SHGs) in our nation, that encourage small amount of savings as well as the reprocess of generating resources amongst the members. SHGs help to conquer exploitation as well as build assurance for the financial independence of the women. SHGs facilitate women - members to collaborate for a general aim and to achieve potency from each other to get rid of exploitation, which they are facing, in numerous form. The present work is intended to study the role of micro-finance through Self Help Groups (SHGs) in socio-economic empowerment of women. The study has been carried out in Ajmer district of Rajasthan covering a sample of 75 beneficiaries, 8 SHGs, 4 villages, and 2 blocks.


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