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Learning through genesis and development of Rasas (emotional flavors)

Author Affiliations

  • Media Researcher, E.M.R.C, DA.V.V, Indore MP, INDIA

Int. Res. J. Social Sci., Volume 2, Issue (7), Pages 49-52, July,14 (2013)


The codified value of cultural development dwells upon the essence of historical evidences. The science of drama and aesthetic viability of expressions propounded in historic texts lays a foundation to the process of learning and formation of cultural identities. Cultural existence has quite often come across the idea behind an art work and the term, ‘Expression’. In this Research paper I attempt to explore the role of term, ‘expression ‘at gross and subtle levels of communication and human interactions. In the present context of study, how is expression related to universal concept of visualizing aesthetics? My endeavor is to dwell in the subject- matter, as to how human evolution rests upon the idea of ‘aesthetically valid artistic expressions’? And the way visual aesthetics in terms of expression plays a matured and significant role in the evolution of mankind.


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