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Staging back of Malaria in Kerala, India: A Retrospective study

Author Affiliations

  • 1 Department of Community Medicine, M.O.S.C Medical College, Kolenchery, Kerala, INDIA
  • 2 Senior Allied Health Officer, Royal Brisbane Women's Hospital, Brisbane, Queensland state of Australia, AUSTRALIA

Int. Res. J. Social Sci., Volume 2, Issue (12), Pages 42-46, December,14 (2013)


Malaria is one of the important public health problem in India by considering its prevalence, virulence and drug resistance. The aim of this study is to find out the case infection and fatality over age, sex and time period. It is a hospital based retrospective study of five years. The data were collected from the medical records department of the hospital and analysed by using Microsoft excel. ‘Z’ test applied for finding out the comparison of proportions. Out of 139 confirmed cases of malaria, 121 cases were males (87.05%) and 18 cases (12.95%) were females. The proportion of malaria cases is higher in males than females. The majority of 58.99% of cases are in 20-39years. Case fatality of malaria is 2.15% and it is 1.65% in males and 5.5% in females and it is highly significant (p=.0036). Out of 139 malaria cases reported in the study, 46.04% cases were Plasmodium falciparum, 27.33% were Plasmodium vivax and 26.61% were due to unspecified malaria infection. The preponderance of males and adult age group indicating the involvement of outdoor work exposure in the case infection. As the labours from the malaria endemic areas are the source of infection in the study area, much personal prophylactic measures to be adopted by the labours during the outdoor works and vector control activity to be strengthened through the Primary Health Centre in the area.


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