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The impact of recruitment and selection in Nigeria

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  • 1Noun Nigeria
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Res. J. Management Sci., Volume 8, Issue (3), Pages 1-4, September,6 (2019)


The research is focused on the importance recruitment plays in Nigeria as well as Selection in getting the right Candidates. Care must be taken to ensure that only prospective candidates who are qualified to get employed in an organization. The prospective job seeker should have the right skills ad qualification and also possess good character and clean record. If an error is made at this stage, by way of bringing in a bad character, it could cause danger for the organization because, as the English people would say: one bad apple can spoil the whole bunch. Recruitment could be seen as the process of finding and hiring candidates for a job opening while Selection is the process of choosing from a pull of candidates the one that fit the best within the organization. The data gathered were analyzed using frequency and percentages. The hypothesis formulated for the study was tested using chi-square method to arrive at the research result. Findings revealed at the research result. Findings revealed that an organization must have a good policy that handles issues of recruiting and selecting, and put procedure in place in order to attract qualified employees.


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