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Table of Contents

Res. J. Engineering Sci., Volume 5, Issue (3), Pages 1-52, March (2016)

Research Paper

1. Optimization of Process Parameters for Amylolytic Bacillus Subtilis LC060260 Isolated from Almora Region of Central Himalayas
Sirohi Rekha, Prakash Veeru (2016). Res. J. Engineering Sci., 5(3), 1-5.
2. Mathematical Modelling for Reverse Supply Chain in Manufacturing System
Shiena Shekhar, Ankur Malviya (2016). Res. J. Engineering Sci., 5(3), 6-13.
3. Post pollution control Method for C. I. Engine automobiles using Nano-coated Catalytic converter
S.S.K. Deepak, Mukesh Thakur (2016). Res. J. Engineering Sci., 5(3), 14-16.
4. Rainfall Forecasting in Northeastern part of Bangladesh Using Time Series ARIMA Model
Md. Abu Zafor, Amit Chakrabort, Smriti Rani Mojumdar, Sheikh Md. Muniruzzaman (2016). Res. J. Engineering Sci., 5(3), 17-31.

Research Article

5. A Comparative Study on Trajectory Tracking of Robotic Arm
Hirwani Kiran Kumar , Dewangan Naveen Kumar (2016). Res. J. Engineering Sci., 5(3), 32-35.
6. Application of MATLAB to predict the physical quality parameters of Rimming Steel Ingot
K. Rama Krishna, Kumar Abhishek, Ravvala Markandeya (2016). Res. J. Engineering Sci., 5(3), 36-44.
7. A New Hamming window Design for Improving Width of Lobes for Noise Removal
Mantra Singh Mandloi (2016). Res. J. Engineering Sci., 5(3), 45-48.
8. Anti-Surge Control Software Using General Purpose Programmable Single Loop Controller
Tamrakar Lokesh Kumar, Agrawal Swati (2016). Res. J. Engineering Sci., 5(3), 49-52.