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Estimation of capacity and PCU value for heterogeneous traffic stream

Author Affiliations

  • 1Department of Civil Engineering, JIT, Borawan, Khargone, MP, India
  • 2Department of Civil Engineering, JIT, Borawan, Khargone, MP, India
  • 3Department of Civil Engineering, JIT, Borawan, Khargone, MP, India

Res. J. Engineering Sci., Volume 7, Issue (4), Pages 1-9, April,26 (2018)


Passenger car units are used to represent the effects of varying mixed vehicle types on traffic stream. The traffic volume information about roads which is important for, design and planning analysis for that roadway system. Traffic on congested highways is of the mixed nature to assess the different types of vehicles on highways. This study is concerned with determine the PCU values of vehicles in under mixed nature traffic flow at on congested highways. PCU is the different types of vehicles offer different degree of interference to the other traffic it necessary to bring all types to a common unit. The common unit adopted is expressing the volume as Passenger Car Unit (PCU) per hour. Determination of road capacity is a major issue for transport planners. Capacity is defined as the maximum number of vehicles that can be accommodated per unit time under given condition of occurrence. Capacity studies for heterogeneous traffic situations are very complex and only limited studies undertaken. In this paper the required data is collected at five main highways around and in Khandwa City using a digital video recorder. This paper discussed the Capacity estimation of roads and PCU value of a vehicle under heterogeneous traffic condition. In this paper the required data is collected at five main highways around and in Khandwa City using a digital video recorder. Detailed extraction of traffic volume and speed were made for every 5 minute time interval, covering both the peak and non- peak period. Comparison of PCU values has been done and finally Chandra method is observed to give more reliable and realistic results.


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