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Energy and exergy analysis of different type of coal based thermal power plant by heat recovery approach

Author Affiliations

  • 1Department of Mechanical Engineering, Bhilai Institute of Technology, Durg-491001, India
  • 2Department of Mechanical Engineering, Bhilai Institute of Technology, Durg-491001, India

Res. J. Engineering Sci., Volume 6, Issue (6), Pages 46-51, July,26 (2017)


The existing scenario, the vast majority of the power created all through the world is from steam plants. Along these lines, it is imperative to guarantee that the plants are working with most extreme productivity. Thermodynamic investigation of the thermal power plant has been attempted to upgrade the productivity and dependability of steam power plants. A large portion of the power plants is outlined by the energetic execution criteria in view of the first law of thermodynamics as it were. The genuine valuable energy misfortune can\\\'t be advocated by the first law of thermodynamics since it doesn\\\'t separate between the quality and quantity. The present work manages the investigates of energy and exergy investigation of thermal power plant stimulated by coal. It is anticipated that even a little change in any piece of the plant will bring about a critical change in the plant effectiveness. Components influencing proficiency of the Thermal Power Plant have been recognized and broke down for enhanced working of the thermal power plant. The target of this work is to utilize the energy and exergy investigation is based on the first law of thermodynamics and second law of thermodynamics separately. The energy misfortunes from individual segments in the plant are computed in view of these working conditions to decide the genuine system misfortunes. Exergy investigation gives entropy, irreversibility rate, Exergy misfortune and second law productivity. The Exergy misfortune or irreversibility is most extreme at the evaporator. In this paper Exergy investigation of working state of evaporator has been completed in view of mass and Exergy adjust. The present paper explores the energy of the power plant to balance the expanding interest of energy. Energy and Exergy investigation has been done to decide the effectiveness of every segment and the general proficiency of the plant, Further Assessment of Energy and Exergy misfortune and annihilation has been dissected.


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