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Study on flow characteristics of radial distributor of hydraulic turbine

Author Affiliations

  • 1Dept. of Civil Engineering, MANIT, Bhopal, MP, India
  • 2Hydro-Power Engineering, MANIT, Bhopal, MP, India

Res. J. Engineering Sci., Volume 6, Issue (5), Pages 7-12, June,26 (2017)


The frequent change in electrical load on generator leads variation of speed of generator during operation of hydro power plant and thus affects the frequency. In hydraulic turbine, distributor is used to regulate and direct the water to runner. Hence it is required to maintain constant speed of generator to have constant frequency output. As hydraulic turbines are directly coupled to generator and to maintain constant speed, the discharge through turbine is varied. The radial distributors are axi-symmetric vanes which control and feed water to runner at desired angle. In present work, numerical flow simulation of radial distributor of a mixed flow Francis turbine is done for different shape of guide vane (distributor) and their opening. The flow parameters are computed by using results obtained from simulation and the effect of shape of guide vanes at different guide vane openings on flow parameter is analysed.


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